Stories by Stephen Bell, Computerworld

Ministry questions legal status of online auctions

The status of on-line “auction” sites such as TradeMe in the light of the Consumer Guarantees Act and the legislation governing traditional live auctions is once again being questioned.

NZ now tier one with Microsoft

Microsoft has officially designated this country “Tier One”, meaning Microsoft products will become available here at the same time as larger markets on the first launch “wave” such as the US, Japan, Germany, Singapore and Australia.

Auditor-General discounts reverse auction concerns

The Office of the Auditor General (OAG) has discounted fears that the Ministry of Economic Development (MED) may be flouting OAG procurement guidelines in looking at reverse auctions for government procurement.

Stop talking product, NZX CEO tells IT start-ups

When start-up companies talk product to investors, instead of talking business, they’re asking them to buy into a dream, NZ Stock Exchange CEO Mark Weldon told an IT audience in Wellington last month.

IT certification applications roar away

Applications for the IT Certified Professional qualification (ITCP), created by the NZ Computer Society (NZCS), have been flowing in at a high rate, said its CEO Paul Matthews last week; “and we haven’t even launched it yet”.
Formal launch of the ITCP is planned for August 1, but from June 15, applications were accepted from existing NZCS members and members of some parallel overseas organisations, who get access to a “fast-track” approval procedure.

Xero zooms on back of three triumphs

Xero chairman Phil Norman and CEO Rod Drury have similar perceptions of the reasons for a marked rise in the value of Xero shares over the past few weeks.

School ICT funds a downpayment on $1.5b promise

An investment of $34 million in improved ICT for schools, announced as part of a package of infrastructure investments by finance minister Bill English this week, is part of the government's $1.5 billion broadband budget, not additional money, a spokeswoman for education minister Anne Tolley confirms.

Commercial ICT group one step closer to formation

A meeting of ICT company representatives on Tuesday brought the possible formation of a commercial industry group one step closer – but there is still no firm commitment to form the group, says Phil O’Reilly, chief executive of Business New Zealand, who co-ordinated the meeting.