Stories by Zara Baxter

Review: SaneBox

Taming your inbox can be a constant chore. I try for inbox zero ( but then every email that drops into my mailbox grabs my attention. Which is fine if it’s important — if only!

App review: Pomodoro techniques

Pomodoro is a time management technique named after Italian tomato-shaped kitchen timers: the idea is that you work for 25 minutes on a single task, and then take a five minute break.

App review: Unstuck for iOS

If you have a problem, whether it’s a big work project that’s bogged down, a personal dilemma that you’re not sure how to tackle, or just a moment of procrastination, Unstuck can help solve it.

App review: Workflowy for iOS/Android/web

The most important thing about any to-do list or organiser tool is that it's simple to use. You want it everywhere you are, and you want it at the ready in seconds. It's for that reason that so many coders and geeks of all stripes have stuck to an outline file in simple text format for their organising needs.

App review: Smartr for iOS

Smartr is a contact app for iOS from the creators of Xobni for Outlook and Smartr for Gmail. Like Xobni, the idea is to pull together all the information you have about your contacts in smart and useful ways.

Telekom Malaysia's fibre rollout offers more than NZ telcos

Telekom Malaysia is rolling out a triple-play fibre service for NZ $60 a month across Malaysia. PC World editor Zara Baxter visited the home of network architect Peter Macauley to learn more.
Telekom Malaysia’s triple-play offer provides consumers with a set-top box for TV, a modem/router for broadband and wi-fi, and a phone for voice capability. This costs 249 Malaysian Ringgit per month - approximately $60 - and provides 100 pay TV channels for free at 20Mbps, including 30 in HD, as well as 120GB data.
Macauley points out that the 120GB has an asterisk - the plan cap is not actually implemented yet, and he told us of subscribers who are using up to 5TB per month without additional cost.

App review: Falcon Pro for Android

I couldn’t imagine spending money for a Twitter app, but lately I’ve become so frustrated at Sesmic, Tweetdeck and the Twitter website that I found myself asking my followers for recommendations. The result? I purchased Falcon Pro for Android, which cost me $1.25.

Opinion: Is Windows 8 ready for your business?

I’ve now been using Windows 8 for three months, and after an initial period of learning, I finally feel up to speed with Microsoft’s newest operating system. For consumers, it’s almost inevitable that the majority will use Windows 8 within 18 months or so — buying a new computer or tablet will mean you get Windows 8. Even so, I’d recommend against Windows 8 for consumers unless they have a touchscreen PC where they will immediately reap the benefits.