Stories by Jenny Keown

Doubts raised over rural broadband

The telco sector and rural lobby groups doubt the government has earmarked enough investment to build critical rural broadband infrastructure.

Chorus split costs prohibitive

Telecom could face a $2 billion bill if it goes a step further on the separation path and spins off its network business Chorus, according to sources within the telco.

Telco Commissioner asks for Telecom retraction

Telco commissioner Ross Patterson has asked for a public retraction from Telecom for its "misleading statements" accusing the commission of giving it no guidance around wholesale loyalty pricing.

Kordia says new cable is needed

Internet traffic on the government's proposed $1.5 billion broadband fibre network is in danger of grinding to a halt at the country's border unless international capacity issues are resolved, says Kordia's chief executive, Geoff Hunt.

New mobile entrant shifts launch - again

Third mobile entrant NZ Communications will launch in August in limited retail channels, including petrol stations and supermarkets, instead of through its own retail stores, according to unattributed company sources.

Telecom posts big profit fall

Telecom's half-year net profit has tumbled 59 percent as the company battles declining prices for calling and Internet services and rising costs to meet new government regulations.
Net profit for the six months to December fell to $163 million from $397 million. 
However, the figure tracked most closely by financial analysts and investors landed comfortably within guidance, with operating earnings of $884 million, a 5.5 percent fall on the year before.

Auckland council launches wi-fi

Auckland City Council has launched a city wi-fi broadband service today covering seven zones as it strives to help stimulate business activity.

Telecom boss fronts up on regulation

Telecom chief executive Paul Reynolds has launched an attack on the country's regulatory framework, saying it hinders investment in infrastructure.

90,000 NZ phone numbers sold to Skype

The Telecommunications Users Association (TUANZ) has slammed the self-regulatory body that looks after New Zealand phone numbers after it sold thousands of numbers to foreign companies.