Stories by Thornton A May

Everyone, not just techies, needs to know IT

After 25 years in this industry, after teaching at four business schools, researching for three think tanks and working at five consultancies, I had an insight last week that may seem forehead-slappingly obvious when you read it: Ignorance of IT destroys value.

It's time for technology adoption 2.0

The most broken process in enterprises today is the Byzantine mendicancy, sycophancy and outright idiocy associated with introducing new technology. If you don't believe me, ask any Jack or Jill in the cubicles to rank the various silo captains for innovativeness. CIOs, and their IT organisations, will trail the pack.

Our industry needs better performance measures

For any leader, one of the most potent tools for influencing others is a strong sense of self. If IT’s leaders don’t know who they are, don’t understand what their organisations stand for and can’t articulate the value that IT can deliver to an organisation’s users, then IT will be ignored or even bypassed.

Content clusters are the way of the future

The vortex of the next economy is the content cluster. That’s what various futurists, economists, jurists, hedge fund barons, investment bankers and venture capitalists are saying about the information, media and entertainment vertical markets.