Stories by Susie Ochs

Apple Watch review: Beautiful form, frustrating function

I'm all-in on Apple products. At my house, I've got two Macs, an Apple TV, an iPad, two iPhones, and an Apple router. I've never owned an MP3 player that wasn't an iPod, or a tablet that wasn't an iPad. And now I've got an Apple Watch to converge my Apple universe right on my wrist.

In Pictures: The wearables of Mobile World Congress.

MWC stands for 'more wearables coming'.Wearable tech was big at CES, and now the mania continues at Mobile World Congress. This week’s line-up in Barcelona has included plenty of weird-looking things to put on your head - but we ignored all the headgear to focus on stuff normal people might want to actually wear.

Google's Chromecast puts (most of) the Internet on your TV on the cheap

Google doesn't have the best track record in the living room. Google TV was a solid idea for adding the Internet to the familiar TV experience, but it hasn't taken off--consumer response has been tepid, few manufacturers have built in support, and many content providers have blocked its devices from accessing their shows online. And the Nexus Q shown off at 2012's Google I/O conference never actually reached the market.