Stories by Sue Bushell

Survival of the Fittest

Author, investor and industry analyst Geoffrey Moore says organizations need to fight off inertia and continually reinvent themselves to keep from being marginalized. And he says IT can play a vital role in the success of any business by helping the company re-establish differentiation

Power to the People

When Cairns City Council ran into difficulty with its newly-implemented “best of breed” business suite, corporate services general manager Jo-Anne Scarini could see only one way out - the council was going to have to roll up its collective shirtsleeves and fix the problems in-house

Dirty Little Secrets

How the Australian Customs Service cleaned up its act by scrubbing away at its data.

Any Portal in a Storm

Portals have arrived into the corporate space. What has resulted from the emergence of this relatively new market is a tremendous amount of hype. But mingled with the rhetoric are some meaningful notions about cost-effectively sharing company knowledge