Stories by Helen Han

IT managers a tough animal to please

Regardless of vendor consolidation and the tough economic climate of recent years, Boehringer Ingelheim IS manager Matthew Perry believes the IT buyer has always been a tough animal to please.

Jury still out on vendor financing benefits

SYDNEY (11/10/2003) - George Etnasios is sold on leasing his organization's hardware and has been for the last seven years, but now he is a little more particular about who he finances through.

Gartner: Australian vendors face job obliteration

SYDNEY (10/10/2003) - A massive wave of IT redundancies will hit Australian shores in the next few years with local vendor-based jobs moving to offshore outsourcing markets on a "substantial" scale, a senior Gartner Inc. researcher has warned.

ISPs caned in spam debate

ISPs have little interest in stopping the spam menace especially when it comes to corporate customers as they profit from charging for the amount of information downloaded.

IT projects feel SARS impact

IT projects could face significant delays unless companies tighten workplace policies and activate solid business continuity plans as the epidemic economists are calling the $US30 billion disease spreads.

Surviving burn and churn: don't sweat the small stuff

Australian IT professionals and enterprises are short-changing themselves on strategic vision limiting their career and profit prospects, effectiveness and strategic focus. Swamped by a sea of day-to-day operations, today's IT staff need to learn to keep their heads above water and appreciate their enterprise's big picture - or sink.

Great expectations fail IT reality test

No one can accuse IT managers of not being optimistic. They have great expectations when selecting an enterprise solution but a mere 4 per cent are happy with the implementation outcome.

Chipping away at secure credit cards

Credit card companies have rejected Australian law enforcement agencies' claims this week of escalating complaints over fraudulent use of chip-enabled smartcards. Companies like Visa and American Express claim the chip technology used in those cards is 100 per cent secure.

Buy versus build

Vendors of prepackaged business applications say they hold the key to solving back-end processing and business problems common to large enterprises. While mid-tier customers may buy into this spiel, the larger enterprises aren't so sure.