Stories by Michael deAgonia

How to use the Files app in iOS 11

One of the biggest changes in Apple’s new mobile OS involves how documents are handled; for the first time, iOS 11 gets a Finder-like system.

First look: The new iPhone 6S Plus impresses

From the faster new A9 chip to updated cameras, a faster Touch ID system and a new pressure-sensitive multitouch display, the latest iPhone represents more than a typical evolutionary update.

Apple's latest Mini gets a 'serious' speed boost

Since its unveiling in January 2005, the Mac Mini has been the cheapest Mac that Apple sells, making it the least expensive way to get hardware that natively runs OS X. In the past, this usually meant settling for older components -- especially compared to the pricier iMac and MacBook Pro lines. Although Apple has updated the Mini's look several times since its debut -- most recently in 2010 -- the internal hardware often received only minor improvements.

Apple's iPad 'makes technology instantly accessible'

I have read every review about <a href="">Apple</a>'s new iPad leading up to -- and after -- its <a href="">launch</a>. I've seen just about every possible adjective used to describe the brilliant, 1024-by-768-pixel screen; have heard every imaginable description of how "fast" the iPad responds, thanks to Apple's custom A4 chip set; been told how the 1.5-lb. device disappears, leaving you alone with the content on-screen. And I've seen reviewers struggling to fully articulate what using an iPad is really like.