Stories by Louis Chua

ERP vendors bolster SMB offerings

With Fortune 100 companies becoming a saturated market for ERP (enterprise resource planning) vendors, it is inevitable that these players have set their sights on bringing the same ERP functionality to the SMB (small and medium-sized business) market. In the hope of expanding their customer base, a slew of ERP vendors launched their SMB-targeted products in Singapore recently.

WORLDBEAT - Living la vida low-tech in Singapore

To be able to get away from the trappings of modern lifestyle in the comfort of our own home -- that was my experience a couple of weeks ago. While attempting to tinker with my one surviving PC, I forgot to earth the computer and shorted the whole house. Unfortunately, my home entertainment system was on at the same time and was immediately fried.

Java set for a big leap forward

Java technology is poised to take a big leap forward. The new version of Java will see language changes with the introduction of metadata, generics, typesafe enum and autoboxing of primitive types. The technology will also see a new JVM (Java virtual machine) and new Monitoring and Management APIs (application programming interfaces).

Nortel to roll out self-healing wireless networks

A self-healing and self-adaptive wireless network infrastructure -- the stuff of network administrators' dreams -- is expected to become a reality in June this year, following pilots of wireless meshed network technology conducted by Nortel Networks and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

IT salaries slip despite upbeat outlook

SINGAPORE (12/05/2003) - For all the upbeat sentiments on Wall Street and equally rosy forecasts from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) which suggest that global economic recovery is well underway, IT salaries in Singapore are still dipping downwards.

Online fraud threatens e-commerce

SINGAPORE (10/06/2003) - According to the IDC Continuum 2003 Survey, investment in e-commerce applications is one of the top priorities in this region. Spending on e-commerce applications, which enable low-cost sales and marketing channels, was expected to grow from 15 percent to 20 percent of enterprise IT spending in 2002.

Taming the storage storm

We have heard it every day from analysts and systems administrators everywhere: storage needs are exploding. End users also find that they are handling more and more data as well as more and more emails, with their systems administrators heckling and cajoling them to delete as many as possible.