Stories by Linus Larsson

Swedish officials' passwords revealed by hacker

Passwords used by many of Sweden's cyber elite are now available on the Internet following a hack against the Swedish Computer Society, an organization of IT professionals. Among the victims are a former security officer at Microsoft, a Symantec security expert and the director of Sweden's largest Internet bank.

Swedes file charges against Pirate Bay four

Swedish prosecutor Hakan Roswall on Thursday filed charges against four people for involvement in running The Pirate Bay, one of the most widely used BitTorrent trackers for illegally distributed music, movies and software in the world.

Alleged Cisco hacker convicted in Sweden

A 19-year-old from Uppsala, Sweden, has been found guilty on seven counts of unauthorised access to Swedish university servers and research computers. He is also suspected by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation of breaking into servers at Cisco Systems and stealing classified source code.