Stories by Linda Leung

Cisco confirms ability to spy on remote calls with VoIP

Cisco confirmed it is possible to eavesdrop on remote conversations using Cisco VoIP phones. In its security response, Cisco says: "an attacker with valid Extension Mobility authentication credentials could cause a Cisco Unified IP Phone configured to use the Extension Mobility feature to transmit or receive a Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP) audio stream."

Reputation services pinpoint likely email baddies

The IT industry will never eradicate security threats to email systems, and organisations should take a holistic approach to securing their communication systems to the level where they believe risk is manageable, according to panellists at the recent Inbox email conference in the US.

Berkeley secures network — and reputation

The University of California at Berkeley has made a name for itself in networking, with innovations such as Unix, Berkeley Internet Domain Name, Smart Dust and SETI@home. But the university has also made headlines over the past few years for things of which it is less proud, namely, a couple of security breaches (a stolen laptop containing personal information on graduates and a compromised database of Californian residents).

University aims to build supercomputer in one day

FRAMINGHAM (04/02/2004) - Students and staff at the University of San Francisco are hoping to make history Saturday by creating the world's first supercomputer that will be networked together on the day using an anticipated 1,000 laptop and desktop PCs brought in by volunteers.

IP videoconferencing winning converts

FRAMINGHAM (09/25/2003) - According to an informal survey of 161 out of 500 attendees at the Polycom User Group show earlier this month, nearly half said their organizations use IP technology for videoconferencing.

Where the jobs are

A Virginia mortgage investment firm is among US companies enjoying rich pickings as resumes fly in from IT workers laid off from local high-tech firms such as AOL Time Warner and WorldCom.

Taking stock of skills

Insurance firm Travelers Property Casualty Corp. had a policy problem on its hands. The company's decentralized training strategy made it tough to effectively track course attendance and ensure curriculum was relevant for its 2,000 IT pros.

Pressure-cooker certification

When Stephen Tucker joined Toronto's Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care in 1999 as manager of its systems and operations group, his department was in disarray.

IT interns

Internship programmes are one of the most cost-effective ways of getting enthusiastic staff on board, particularly in a soft economy.

Enterprises see new uses for Palm devices

PalmSource's new operating system, OS 5, should put the Palm platform on a par with or ahead of Microsoft's PocketPC, said some enterprise users attending the PalmSource conference in San Jose last week.