Stories by Jon L. Jacobi

Prime drive time

SAN FRANCISCO (11/20/2003) - It's a hard-drive industry mantra: Each succeeding generation must be faster and fit more data into less space. But while performance gains have been modest recently, areal density (gigabytes per square inch) continues to grow. The result: roomy desktop drives, tiny portable hard drives that hold truly useful amounts of data, and other new products such as easy-to-install network-attached drives for homes and small businesses. And you can expect to see new functions and greater capacities in 2004.

Nero 6: An all-in-one burning package

SAN FRANCISCO (09/22/2003) - Think you need more than one software package to take full advantage of your CD/DVD burner? Think again: Ahead Software AG's Nero 6 Ultra Edition can handle all of your burning, authoring, and playback needs-and then some. Built on Ahead Software's venerable Nero Burning ROM mastering app and InCD packet-writing software, Ultra Edition adds a capable DVD/movie file player, a much-improved Nero Vision Express 2 movie-authoring and editing application, and the brand-new BackItUp program. Augmenting the bundle are audio editors, a host of utilities, a jewel-case cover designer, and MPEG-4 encoding a la DivX.