Stories by Gillian Law

Microsoft upgrades partner programme

Microsoft is rearranging its partner programme to include a third tier of smaller partners, called Registered Partners, as well as the current Certified and Gold Certified partners, it said on Monday.

Israel snubs Microsoft, moves to open source software

Microsoft is continuing efforts to sell software upgrades to the Israeli government, despite its recent decision to stop buying Microsoft applications in protest over the Redmond, Washington, company's sales policies.

McDonald's UK to offer side of Wi-Fi with burgers

LONDON (01/07/2004) - British Telecommunications PLC (BT) is expanding its network of public Wi-Fi sites across the U.K. with access points in 500 McDonald's Corp. restaurants, it said Wednesday.

Sun platform runs remote home management

LONDON (10/23/2003) - Want to return home to a warm, cosy house? Use your cell phone. From early next year, some U.S. householders will be able to remotely control appliances in their homes using their cellular phones or PCs thanks to a new home management system based on Java technology and servers from Sun Microsystems Inc.

Microsoft files suit in Lucent patent battle

Microsoft this week filed a lawsuit in a patent fight involving Lucent Technologies, Gateway and Dell, after being asked to intervene because the products involved use its own technology.

Oracle pushes Linux to ISVs

Oracle Corp. has launched a support and marketing program to encourage ISVs (independent software vendors) to develop Linux-based Oracle applications.

WebWasher product launders email has released new content security software that allows central filtering of both web and email traffic, the company says.

Report: Former execs may save WorldCom from charges

WorldCom's cooperation with investigators and its internal probe into its accounts, together with the plea negotiations of former executives Scott Sullivan and David Myers, are likely to dissuade prosecutors from filing charges against the company itself, according to the online edition of The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) Friday.

Forgent claims JPEG patent; others cry foul

Forgent Networks announced last week that it holds the patent to the JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) image compression technology, for both color and black and white images, and intends to license it to a variety of manufacturers.

How to survive the recruitment drought

Are you out of work, rapidly spending your last pay check and wondering what the heck to do next? Well, now might be the time to consider that Tibetan retreat you've been mulling over, because the international job market is not looking good.

Microsoft changes XP slogan in wake of US attacks

Microsoft will change the advertising slogan for the Windows XP operating system from "Prepare to Fly" to "Yes You Can" because of the September 11 attacks on the US that involved hijacked airplanes, the company has confirmed.

Survey: Inertia keeps Microsoft IIS sites running

The number of Web sites using Microsoft's Internet Information Services (IIS) software continued to climb in September, despite the effects of Code Red, the closure of a major Web hosting company using IIS, and an analyst's warning that IIS users should look for more secure alternatives, according to a report from Netcraft Ltd. released Monday.