Stories by Carrie-Ann Skinner

TalkTalk launches network-level security software

<a href="">TalkTalk</a> has launched a security service that works at network-level to ensure it will block infected web pages and inappropriate content on any device using the home broadband network to surf the web.

USB worm named biggest PC threat

A worm that is spreading via USB flash drives has been named the biggest security threat to PC users by <a href="">McAfee</a>.

BT demands Virgin Media opens up network

<a href="">BT</a> is calling for <a href="">Virgin Media</a> to open up its fibre network and allow other ISPs to access the infrastructure.

Net piracy proposals protest song explodes on the web

A protest song that launches an attack on the government's plan to tackle internet piracy has received thousands of views after Stephen Fry proclaimed his love for the track on <a href="">Twitter</a>.