Stories by Sandra Gittlen

Want to telework? Not so fast, IT

IT pro spend their days figuring out how to support a mobile workforce that can operate wholly off-site, yet the telework perk remains elusive for them.

How to become a BYOD guru

Becoming a BYOD guru isn't an overnight proposition -- it's something that takes initiative, persistence and time. We've identified five key resource areas that can help you master the technical, legal and security ramifications of BYOD and maintain a pipeline of information once you've rolled out your own program.

Could data scientist be your next job?

Large enterprises, staffing firms and universities have observed increasing interest in a new class of data professional - the data scientist. A curious blend of business, analytics and computer skills, this hot new title is on the march in diverse verticals such as energy, e-commerce, healthcare and financial services.

What it takes to be a data scientist

The path to becoming a data scientist differs depending on your starting skill set, according to Laura Kelley, Houston vice president for IT staffing and consulting firm Modis.

A sampling of BYOD user policies

Just say the words "bring your own device" and IT staffers start to rub their foreheads. Allowing users to attach their consumer devices, including smartphones and tablets, to the network might seem like a bad idea, but with a clear user policy that is re-signed annually, you can reduce a lot of organizational risk.

Putting a lock on password management

Paul Aldridge, CIO of <a href="">Genomic Health, Inc.</a>, wanted his technology team fully focused on supporting a next-generation network for cancer research. Yet with each user requiring logins for as many as a dozen software-as-a-service (SaaS) sites, password management such as lookups and resets were chewing up their time.

Datacentre execs need more than just IT skills

Companies are facing increasing difficulty in their efforts to find qualified datacentre managers, since the required skills have expanded beyond IT expertise to a mix of IT, facilities and security management abilities.

Bringing 100 Gigabit Ethernet to the masses

The IEEE&#8217;s latest project could significantly ramp up the speed of traffic delivery across the internet. In November, the IEEE&#8217;s Higher Speed Study Group announced it was working to create a 100 Gigabit Ethernet standard. Since then, it has laid out a tentative timeline for benchmarks towards that goal, including the development of a formalised task force by the middle of this year and delivery of the final specification by 2010. While these goals seem attainable, the study group members are in a race against time to accommodate the increasing demands of content creators and consumers around the world. John D&#8217;Ambrosia, chairman of the IEEE study group and scientist of components technology at Force10 Networks, spoke to Network World about 100G Ethernet and the project.