Stories by Harry McCracken

DEMO - DataPod keeps your PCs in sync

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA (02/17/2004) - If you need to get work done on a PC when you're not at work, you could ask your company to install a Virtual Private Network. You also could run remote-control software. Or you could use DataPod--a new peer-to-peer system that an Israel-based startup is introducing here at Demo 2004.

The right stuff right now -- right here

SAN FRANCISCO (11/24/2003) - Wrapping up the year with a December hardware issue is a PC World tradition. Even by special-issue standards, though, this one is... well, special. Inside you'll find dozens of lab-tested products, our best-ever Reliability and Service survey, and a new section on the next wave of gear.

Putting America's privacy to the test

SAN FRANCISCO (10/27/2003) - The right to privacy: It's a quintessentially American notion. Instinctively, we bristle at anything that threatens it. And yet when it comes to our PCs, privacy--defined by my trusty Merriam-Webster's as "freedom from unauthorized intrusion"--feels less like a right and more like a vanishing natural resource. Tally up every piece of spam, every virus attack, and every probe of your PC seeking vulnerabilities, and you may find that your privacy is being invaded dozens of times a day.

Software Pioneer Looks Back--and Ahead

SAN FRANCISCO (10/02/2003) - Back in the early 1980s, he invented affordable software with products such as Turbo Pascal and Sidekick. For a decade, he went head-to-head with technology titans like Microsoft and Lotus. More recently, he founded a company to send photos wirelessly--before any consumer owned a cell phone that could take pictures.

Help for an annoyed nation

SAN FRANCISCO (09/22/2003) - Computers in the twenty-first century were supposed to make us more productive, simplify our lives, and keep us entertained. And in countless ways, they have. But even the most visionary of sci-fi flicks never prophesied one aspect of PCs circa 2003: They're...annoying.

DEMOMOBILE - Show spotlights gadgets on the go

LA JOLLA, CALIFORNIA (09/19/2003) - As its name suggests, the annual DEMOMobile show here this week is all about demonstrating new mobile technology products. The gathering, a spin-off of the more general-interest DEMO show, features gear, software, and services offered by everyone from big-name companies such as Logitech Inc. and Sprint Corp. to inventive start-ups with names like MyCasa Network Inc. and Xpherix Corp.