Stories by Staff Writers

Microsoft appoints new ANZ head

Tracey Fellows, currently Microsoft's Australia and New Zealand director of business and marketing operations, has been appointed managing director for Australia and New Zealand.

LCD displays hold all the technological cards

Flat screen technology has evolved in leaps and bounds over the last few years. Not too long ago, any screen needed for presentations measuring over 30 inches had to be a plasma display, while 30 inches and under had to be an LCD.

Ellison champions flat fee for software

The practice of pricing enterprise software on a per-processor basis should be replaced with a flat annual fee that lets businesses use as much software as they want, according to Oracle CEO, Larry Ellison.

Is it time for Sun to buy Red Hat or SuSE?

Tthe founder and chief executive of UK-based IT analysts Bloor Research, Peter Bloor, has speculated that Sun ought to buy a Linux company (specifically, Red Hat or SuSE Linux).

HP confirms CSC deal

Hewlett-Packard New Zealand will undergo a dress rehearsal for its proposed merger with Compaq as it
absorbs the local arm of services company CSC.

Greasing the Wheels

The World Wide Web is not always as worldwide as its name suggests, especially in the realm of global e-commerce. Sure, a customer in Iceland can go to a US company's Web site and place an order, but will the order ever arrive?

What did go wrong: A global roundup of Y2K

The few glitches attributed to Y2K during the date rollover and afterward were just that - glitches: printer failures, dates with five digits, decimal problems. Most caused little more than temporary inconvenience.

Telstra delivers record profit

Telstra has announced a net profit of $3.486 billion, for the year ending June 30 1999, representing a 16 per cent increase on last financial year.

Feds Seek to Close Cyberwarrior Gap

Federal officials are looking at ways to prevent an "electronic Pearl Harbor," or a sneak cyberattack on the U.S. But in a situation somewhat parallel to the plight of the undermanned and unprepared U.S. military in the 1930s, the federal government is facing a tremendous shortage of people needed to fight any future cyberwar.
During the next seven years, the government will have to replace more than 32,000 information technology workers -- almost half the 71,000 IT workers employed by federal agencies, said a recent study by the federal Chief Information Officers Council. Much of the turnover is the result of a rise in the number of employees eligible for retirement.

Telstra takes chunk of Sausage

Telstra has acquired a 10 per cent equity stake in publicly listed Sausage Software, investing $19 million in the local e-commerce specialist.

ACCC scuttles C&W Optus' AAPT bid

Cable & Wireless Optus has complied with a request from The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission to withdraw its bid for AAPT.