Stories by Laurianne McLaughlin

What's in store at VMworld this year?

The amount of virtualisation news and marketing bravado being slung around recently is huge: Microsoft formally launched its virtualisation strategy earlier this month, talking tough about price. VMware's VMworld event begins this week. And Citrix, Sun, Oracle and a supporting cast of third-party companies will be joining in too. So let's cut through some of the hype so far, then talk about what we really want to see happen at VMworld.

Reliability and service report card

SAN FRANCISCO (11/20/2003) - Fred Zagurski never worries about running into hardware glitches with his Olympus Optical Co. Ltd. C-700 Ultra Zoom digital camera. "It has performed flawlessly," says Zagurski, who runs his own company out of Edmonds, Washington, planning and designing physical security systems for large businesses. He has owned his C-700 for almost two years and uses it for both work and play. "The reliability of my camera is much better than that of my home PCs," he says, noting that he owns a Dell Inc. Dimension and a custom-built PC from a local company.