Stories by Gretel Johnston

Senators sketch out new broadband bill

A bill expected to be introduced in the US Senate early next year is being promoted to encourage the expansion of broadband internet access by making more broadcast spectrum available to devices that incorporate new technologies such as Wi-Fi .

Open source gloats over leaked Microsoft memo

Open source software advocates have concluded that a leaked Microsoft Corp. memorandum detailing a survey it conducted of IT professionals on their views of open source software shows that Microsoft's public relations tactics on open source are failing and, to win out against the software giant, open source software advocates just have to "stay the course."

Analysts say Sun might cut up to 8000 jobs

Sun Microsystems might lay off up to 8000 people later this week after it reports earnings, analysts at Merrill Lynch & Co and Sanford C Bernstein & Co report.

You've got mail: 60 billion a day by 2006

As if the strain that spam and email alerts are putting on in-boxes weren't enough already, expect even more in the coming years as the overall number of email messages doubles from 31 billion a day now to 60 billion a day by 2006, market researcher IDC predicts.

Microsoft discloses 289 Windows APIs

Microsoft has opened key components of Windows by making 289 APIs (application programming interfaces) available for free at the Microsoft Developer Network website, as the company takes steps to comply with the proposed antitrust settlement with the US Department of Justice (DOJ) and nine states.

Netscape usage down to 3.4%

Netscape is once again being clobbered by rival browser Internet Explorer (IE) and now has an estimated market share of 3.4%, says internet researcher WebSideStory.