Stories by Mark Evans

Jokesters confirm: security is no laughing matter

Jesper Johansson and Steve Riley probably have a future in comedy if their security roles at Microsoft ever wind up. Their sessions at TechEd were popular with punters who turned out in force to learn about the myths of security and to understand how they can make absolutely sure that their network is hackable. Delivered with a mix of visual gags and quips — the definition of a security expert: “(noun) a person who’s been quoted in the media” — their messages were nonetheless sobering to many.

Indigo provides colour at Tech Ed

The “sexiest” keynote demos at Tech Ed 2005 were without doubt the two Indigo demos introduced by Ari Bixhorn, Microsoft’s director of web services strategy.

IBM pieces fall into place

The last puzzle in IBM’s software strategic direction became clearer at last month's Lotusphere in the US. Namely, where does the Lotus division fit in the overall IBM software strategic direction?

IBM claims Linux growing apace

IBM claims its Linux business is growing at 65 per cent a year, close to double the Linux adoption rate estimated by market researcher IDC.

Lotus' latest worth taking note of

IBM’s just-released Notes and Domino 6.0 are the first major releases since 1999, when release 5 came out. The new release follows a 12-month beta testing programme and includes so many changes it would take pages to detail them.

Bots do battle, teach Java

One of IBM’s most surprising recent successes has been, believe it or not, a game. But this is not just any game, it’s Robocode, a game that teaches you Java as you create robot tanks and send them out to battle.

Java Server, servlets the new Internet wave

If you're building Internet-enabled applications, I feel sorry for you. All of a sudden you're in a new world of "Internet time" projects. And at the same time there's an explosion of new Internet-related technologies and Internet-affected business requirements.