Stories by Scarlet Pruitt

New Napster plays for beta audience

After months of silence, Napster Inc. is set to play its new digital music subscription service to a limited audience of beta testers Thursday, as the previously free peer-to-peer file-swapping service readies itself for its legal launch.

The year the internet stopped being fun

Remember when you could barely resist the internet's lure? When the rush of discovering a new website or stumbling across a nifty service kept you coming back for more; when the content was so rich and plentiful that you could read, read, read all day long? Well, that was the year 2000.

BMI grants music licences to MSN, Yahoo

US performing rights organisation Broadcast Music Incorporated (BMI) has forged a long-term deal granting music licensing rights to Microsoft's MSN Music and Yahoo, in a move that highlights the industry's desire to legitimise music on the internet.

Yahoo spins Launch music site

Not wanting to be left out of the band, Yahoo pulled music destination Launch out of its sleeve this week, offering users streaming music, downloads, artist information and on-demand music videos.

AOL grooves on MusicNet beta

America Online (AOL) rolled out the beta version of its MusicNet music subscription service this week, looking to show off the service to its 32 million strong legion of users before it becomes broadly available in January.

Napster, RIAA head back to court

Napster is due to face off against the recording industry again on Monday during a federal appeals court hearing over the extent to which Napster has to clean up its file-swapping service in order to comply with a court-ordered injunction.

Courts side with copyright holders in DMCA battles

Despite vocal opposition from free-speech advocates, a controversial law that makes it illegal to provide information on how to bypass copyright protection controls was lent added weight by a US federal appeals court decision last week, marking a decisive victory for copyright holders.

Microsoft moves to settle private suits

Less than three weeks after reaching a deal in its antitrust battle against the U.S. Department of Justice and nine states, Microsoft Corp. said Tuesday that it signed an agreement for a nationwide settlement of the host of private suits that allege that the company overcharged for its software.

RIAA, MPAA sue popular Napster progeny

Having successfully forced file-sharing rogue Napster Inc. into compliance with copyright laws, the RIAA, along with the major Hollywood studios, is now launching attacks against popular file-swapping services MusicCity, KaZaA, Morpheus and Grokster, an RIAA representative confirmed Wednesday.