Stories by George A. Chidi Jr.

Smart phone manufacturers try to outsmart one another

Smart phones using the 3G (third generation) wireless networks for higher-speed data transfer will be able to send and retrieve email, play music and perhaps videos, and display calendar information. Several tools and development platforms for programmers to design software for smart phones emerged at the 3GSM World Conference in Cannes this week.

Red Hat launches version 7.2 of Linux OS

Linux vendor Red Hat Inc. on Monday updated its Red Hat Linux operating systems for consumer PCs and for business workstations and servers. Both operating systems use the Linux 2.4.7 kernel and the GNOME 1.4 desktop environment. Red Hat also announced pricing for its upcoming Red Hat Embedded Linux Developer Suite, setting the price at US$2,500.

Andreessen's LoudCloud underwhelms Nasdaq

Amid a selloff on the broader market, LoudCloud, the e-commerce hosting and site development company founded by Marc Andreessen, went public Friday with an initial public stock offering of somewhat lower valuation than previously expected.