Stories by CIO Staff

Looking for Janet

FRAMINGHAM (03/18/2004) - Janet Jackson's partial nudity during last month's Super Bowl halftime show was the most searched-for item in the history of the search engine Lycos, according to "The Lycos 50 Daily Report."

Rulings on the field

FRAMINGHAM (03/18/2004) - Photo finishes have defined close horse races since before Seabiscuit. Video replays are a momentum-shifting part of National Football League games.

This date in IT history: March

FRAMINGHAM (03/02/2004) - March 6, 1992 -- A pastor in Georgia booting up his computer to write his church newsletter. A couple of PCs at an AT&T Corp. office in New Jersey. A Boston University lab computer. Hundreds of PCs, including an estimated 750 computers used by pharmacists in South Africa, lose data and disk drives after a virus timed to act on Michelangelo's birthday strikes their PCs, The New York Times reports.

Where the candidates stand

FRAMINGHAM (01/20/2004) - Technology policy ought to be topic number one (or two, or at least three) on the campaign trail, considering its importance to the economy and everyday life. Understandably, candidates are talking about jobs and the mess in Iraq instead. So in order to find out what President Bush and his Democratic challengers think about IT and its impact on the nation, we sent them questionnaires asking about their positions on five policy areas that will be important to CIOs in the next four years and beyond. These include critical infrastructure security, jobs, privacy, corporate governance and information technology -- a category that encompasses their priorities for IT research and development, as well as their approach to IT standards, innovation and e-commerce.

Enter CIO's best admin contest

FRAMINGHAM (01/15/2004) - What makes a good assistant? Is it amazing organizational skills? Being a good gatekeeper? Anticipating and solving problems? It's time for you to tell us. We are looking to recognize the best administrative assistant to a CIO in our April 15th issue in honor of Administrative Professionals Day (formerly known as National Secretaries Day).

November in IT history

FRAMINGHAM (11/05/2003) - Nov. 17, 1929 Dr. Herman Hollerith, the creator of the electric tabulating machine and founder of a company that would later become IBM Corp., dies of a heart attack at the age of 69.

Job hunt, continued

Economic indicators are one thing, but a job in your field is something else. And so on this Labour Day, members of the 495 Networking Support Group, a referral organisation for technology and IT professionals, carry on their campaigns for new jobs.

Going there, doing that

Asked about their companies' offshore outsourcing experiences and expectations, 101 CIOs, IT executives and managers in a CIO survey confirmed what you might expect. India was the major destination (89 % have work done there). Labour costs were the biggest area for savings (according to 86 % of respondents). And application development was the main activity (86 % contracted for this work offshore). The survey also found that companies expect a fast return and other benefits from going offshore.

Onboard the IT train

Training IT workers isn't easy -- rapid technological change, cost and the economy are among the barriers to effective training programmes, the US General Accounting Office found in a recent study of large companies' programmes. The GAO identified six best practices for delivering IT training.

Eight ways to prep for a job hunt

Even if you're not planning on going into the job market, be prepared for it, says Beverly Lieberman, president of IT recruiting firm Halbrecht Lieberman Associates in Stamford, Connecticut. Otherwise you could find a comeback very hard. Her tips: