Stories by Matt Hines

HP's broad security offerings make their mark

IT industry giant HP is experiencing marked growth of its security business less than a year after re-launching a number of its products and services under its Secure Advantage brand, company executives claim.

E-scammers trashing brand reputations

Phishers, cyber-squatters, and other online fraudsters continued their assault on well-known corporate brands over the last 12 months, increasing the burden on the companies being targeted and further frustrating consumers.

Security lessons from the top

The importance of protecting your business from security threats is clear. But how to do it well often remains a vexing problem. Major IT vendors have faced this challenge like everyone else — but with a twist. As providers of security technology and IT systems vulnerable to threats, they've had to stay a step ahead of everyone else. That's why CIOs of technology stalwarts IBM and Intel and security technology provider Symantec have taken on security management as one of their key functions. All three companies have shared their lessons learned with InfoWorld.

IT security and management getting closer

According to some industry analysts, as many as 90% of all enterprise businesses currently assign oversight of antivirus technologies to their desktop management teams, rather than giving the work to security specialists.

Buy for Symantec

Symantec is believed to be planning to acquire Vontu, one the largest remaining independent providers of DLP (data leakage prevention) software.

Vendors chart goals at MIT conference

Power consumption, parallelism, and the rapidly-expanding world of mobile communications are among the leading areas of research and development currently being investigated within some of the IT world's largest companies.

Foreign attacks prompt FBI warning to enterprises

The Chinese government has denied involvement in a series of hacks carried out against government IT systems around the world, including those of New Zealand government agencies, but the threat of technology-driven espionage has forced the FBI to push businesses and academic institutions to better prepare for such attacks.

Security outsourcing on the rise

As one of the world's largest outsourcing providers Wipro Technologies is ramping up its security services business in a big way.

Open source’s benefits to business spelled out

Free Software Foundation (FSF) leader Richard Stallman said at the launch of version 3 of the General Public License (GPLv3) late last month that businesses are “foolish” not to adopt non-proprietary technologies.

The Struggle to Protect Enterprise Data

Long ago, when businesses kept sensitive information locked away in file cabinets and safes, it was relatively cheap and easy to store valuable data and control who had access to it. Today, enterprises invest millions in security, storage, and compliance technologies - all in the name of increasing visibility into where vital electronic information lives and how it is being defended.

Veracode debuts system to test source code

Veracode launched its Software Security Ratings Service on June 25, introducing its new system for use in testing the safety of applications development among enterprise customers and third-party software makers.

TJX stolen data used in Florida crime spree

Law enforcement officials in Florida have arrested six individuals suspected of carrying out a fraud scheme built around the misuse of credit card data stolen from retailer TJX Companies.