Stories by Frank Dzubeck

Cloud computing: End of the corporate WAN?

When vendors and marketers get their hands on an IT concept, it doesn't take long for that concept to morph into a totally new business opportunity and possibly a new market segment. Such is the story of cloud computing.

SOA compliance leads the way

Having seen many vendor presentations announcing new products and strategies recently, I’ve noticed a common thread. The IT world has embraced the concept of total multi-vendorism based upon agreed-to industry standards.

Will IM-enabled revolutionise the corporate PBX?

In the past year we’ve seen increased demand for VoIP, most notably in the consumer peer-to-peer market. With Skype leading the way, peer-to-peer VoIP has attracted major industry players such as Microsoft, Google, Yahoo and AOL.

Policy — yours or mine?

In the future, corporations will use business-based policy management to control costs, allocate finite infrastructure resources, manage application access and police security. With the advent of on-demand and utility computing, as well as compute and storage virtualisation, corporate concerns about policy ownership issues have risen to new heights. The major concern is that business-based policy must be end to end and be set by corporate management, then translated into deployment policies within the policy islands of infrastructure operations; user workflow; network, storage and server infrastructure; and application software.