Stories by Kevin Fogarty

Mac desktop security: The landscape is changing

Only about 20 percent of Americans think Macs are vulnerable to viruses, compared to more than half who describe PCs as "vulnerable" or "very vulnerable" to attack by viruses, according to Alex Stamos, a security analyst at iSec Partners.

4 Virtualization Security Basics to Watch

While mobile and smartphone security is the hot topic of the moment among virtualization security gurus, plenty of other virtualization security topics demand IT's attention right now. At the recent RSA Security Conference in San Francisco, the interest in virtualization security ran high - with good reason. Different IT departments are at different points on their virtualization journeys, of course, and some are still thinking about security in the old physical world terms, analysts say.

E-discovery: How a law firm slashes time and costs

It's no secret that corporations are drowning in data. IDC estimates the volume of computer data worldwide will reach 1.2 million petabytes during 2011. A November, 2010 Gartner study found data growth was one of the top three challenges for data center managers at 47 per cent of large enterprises.

Many apps fail security check before move to cloud

CEOs and the technologists who work for them like to say the applications they rely on-- especially the kind custom-written by specialists at banks and investment companies with fortunes behind them--are safe as houses.

Ten virtualisation vendors to watch in 2010

Smaller vendors continue to add to the overall manageability of virtual infrastructures. Looking beyond VMware, Microsoft and Citrix, here are 10 virtualisation tools companies to watch in 2010:

Five virtualisation skills enterprises want now

It's hard, in an economy that finds bottom and then wallows there, to say that a particular set of IT skills is in extremely high demand. Recruiters acknowledge that amid layoffs and slashed IT budgets skill areas designated "hot" may only be "less cold than others."

VM configuration tool

Tripwire and VMware have teamed up to produce a free tool that VMware customers can use to automatically audit the security configuration of physical and virtual servers.

Got a grip on virtualisation? Not so fast

You know, I hate to tell you this, right when this virtualisation thing was going so well for technology users, but whatever virtualisation projects you're working on right now won't end when you finish building out the storage area network (SAN) and VM server farm. Not by a long shot.

Don't plunge into VoIP

In the IT world the argument - buy now or the pace of change will leave you behind - is applied to whatever technology is hot at the moment.