Stories by George A. Chidi Jr

Report: FBI asks for telecom help on surveillance

With telecommunication service providers using packet-based transmissions like voice over IP for phone calls more often, the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) wants carriers to help make those new kinds of networks easier to tap, according to a report.

Compaq offers 'on demand' computing services

Compaq Computer Corp. announced a change in its sales strategy Tuesday, pushing services to large corporate customers in a move to emphasize that it does more than make hardware.

HP trims costs with voluntary pay cuts, vacation

To cut costs, Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP) is asking its 88,500 employees worldwide to volunteer to take either eight vacation days off without pay or a 10 percent pay cut. Alternatively, employees may opt to take both four vacation days without pay and a 5 percent pay cut.

Sony launches Net access device

Sony Electronics officially launched the eVilla Network Entertainment Center on Thursday, a stripped-down computer built specifically for Internet access and plans to ship the $US500 appliance for the consumer market by month's end.

Napster in talks with Microsoft on secure Web

File-swapping service Napster Inc. is in talks with Microsoft to use the software maker's music copyright protection technology, Napster confirmed Friday. Napster hopes to use Microsoft's anti-piracy technology to persuade the music industry to allow songs it has restricted the file-trading service from listing.

Baan unveils iBaan Portal management applications

Dutch ERP (enterprise resource planning) software maker Baan Co. NV unveiled a suite of Internet-based management applications and services Monday, its first offering since British software maker Invensys PLC bought a controlling stake in the embattled company last year.

Nazi ban goes into effect on Yahoo auctions

Auction customers can no longer buy Nazi SS uniforms on the Yahoo auction site, nor German Luftwaffe WWII model airplanes, now that the company has put a ban on Nazi memorabilia and paraphernalia from hate groups which came into effect on the site Wednesday 10 January.