Stories by Brian Sullivan

Secret Service probing US college-related hacking

Separate hacking incidents involving at least three Western colleges have touched off an investigation by the US Secret Service into what may be an identity theft ring that is targeting colleges and universities.

FBI wants to know who took 13,000 credit reports

The FBI is investigating how someone made off with 13,000 credit reports from a credit reporting agency, Experian Information Solutions, during a 10-month period by posing as a Ford Motor Credit employee.

'Cute' Trojan horse attacks through email

A pair of antivirus companies is warning users to look out for an email worm that could allow attackers to take over their machines and try to damage firewall and security programs.

Survey: Tech CEOs lead the pack out the door

As WorldCom president and CEO Bernard Ebbers packs up his desk and walks away from the top job at the embattled telecommunications company, he joins a list of high-tech CEOs who have preceded him out the door since September.

Security experts say voice mail systems vulnerable

Security consultants aren't surprised that someone managed to take a voice mail Hewlett-Packard Co. Chairwoman and CEO Carly Fiorina left for HP Chief Financial Officer Robert Wayman last month and transmit it to the world.

Ask Jeeves offers challenge to Google, a new search engine that went live Monday, should provide a boost to parent company Ask Jeeves Inc. and could provide a serious challenger to Google Inc.'s dominance of the market, according to analysts.

CERT warns IM users to beware of intruders

Tens of thousands of people have reportedly been tricked into downloading malicious software onto their computers from Internet Relay Chat (IRC) and instant messaging (IM), said an incident report released by the CERT Coordination Center at Carnegie Mellon University.

HP/COMPAQ: Hewlett holds on to hope on HP/Compaq deal

Dissenting HP board member Walter Hewlett told reporters this afternoon that he remains confident of victory despite claims by Hewlett-Packard chairwoman and CEO Carly Fiorina that her side won the shareholder vote on the proposed HP/Compaq merger.

'Newsletter' worm targets Outlook

Security experts around the world are warning of a new virus that uses Microsoft Outlook e-mail software to replicate itself by sending out mass e-mails that may destroy some Windows files.