Stories by Anne Kandra

How to save on software--safely

SAN FRANCISCO (10/27/2003) - Maureen Thomas had a challenge: to create a Web site that would provide information and links to job placement resources for welfare-to-work participants, many of whom had never used a PC, much less a Web browser. Complicating the task further, Thomas, a computer resources manager for the Los Angeles County Office of Education, had no experience building Web sites and no budget to speak of.

Use the Web when you need wheels

SAN FRANCISCO (09/22/2003) - If you'd rather show up at your high school reunion in a '76 Gremlin than lock horns with a pushy car salesperson over floor mats and finance plans, you're not alone. A few years ago, the prophets of the new economy told us that no one would ever have to wrestle with a pinkie-ringed car shark anymore. Instead, customers would just log on and buy a new vehicle completely online.