Stories by Andrew Binstock

Is BI a realistic alternative to paper?

In the evolving world of business intelligence, swift and targeted access to reports and analysis is the name of the game. But the frequent inability of employees to locate the results they need from high-end BI applications is prompting several enterprise search vendors to step in and address the challenge.

Middleware finds its mojo

Few areas of technology underwent greater advances in 2005 than middleware and 2006 looks as if it'll be no different. Between new architectures, maturing standards and innovative technologies, the dream of integration within and without the enterprise is becoming a reality. Even better, it does not require the rip-and-replace approach of the past.

Sun shines on ‘easy’ Java creations

During the past year, Java vendors have heard an increasingly insistent drumbeat emanating from developers: simplify enterprise Java. J2EE, the rich but extraordinarily complex set of Java server technologies, is proving intractably complicated. As a result, developers are finding alternative Java solutions to their enterprise needs.