Stories by Pia Landergren

UK government launches cyber police

The UK's first national law enforcement organisation dedicated to fighting IT-related crime was launched this week. The special police force, named National Hi-Tech Crime Unit, consists of 80 law enforcement specialists who will be based throughout the country, the National Criminal Intelligence Service said in a statement.

AMD unwraps first Duron chip for notebooks

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) on Monday announced the launch of a new processor for notebooks. The Mobile AMD Duron is available at clock speeds of 600MHz and 700MHz, AMD said in a statement.

Analyst: MS 'Cloning' Could Damage Industry

Although the initial reaction from the European IT industry on the U.S. district court ruling on Microsoft Corp. antitrust violations has essentially been enthusiastic, a Gartner Group Inc. analyst warned today that a forced "cloning" of Microsoft could damage the industry.