Stories by David L Margulius

Google's got it wrong with Android

That's right: Google has announced a consortium of companies to develop an "open" mobile device platform, designed to unleash the creativity and innovation heretofore stifled by the major big, bad wireless carriers.

Lean, mean coding machines equal big bucks for McKinsey

The alpha geek consultants at The McKinsey Quarterly have come out with an interesting new research paper that says application developers have to get lean — as in, adopt lean manufacturing techniques. That’s right, you know who you are — slim down, toughen up, drop and give me 20!

From the Analysts: IT services keep hope alive

The software business may be consolidating into a few gigantic companies, but at least there’s still robust competition on the services side of things. That’s my conclusion from reading some new Gartner stats recapping the worldwide IT services market as of the end of 2005.

Try high-pressure play for less stress

A new study by corporate trainer Skillsoft claims that IT is the most stressful occupation, ahead of engineering, sales, finance, HR and pretty much everything else.

IT is a numbers game

How deep do IT managers really want to get into the details of financial accounting for IT purchases? Isn’t it better left to the bean counters? Do they really want to discuss capex and annuity structures?