Stories by Melissa V. Patricio

Philippines finds niche in outbound sales

Despite their conservative culture, Filipinos have proven they can be aggressive in competing for a place in the outbound sales market of the booming call center industry.

High Internet costs hamper Philippine e-commerce

MANILA (04/02/2004) - The growth of electronic commerce (e-commerce) in the country continues to be hampered by the high cost of Internet rates and the lack of access to computers. This adverse situation, however, has paved the way for the continued advancement of mobile commerce (m-commerce) due to the popularity and affordability of cellular phones.

Survey: communication problems cut productivity

MANILA (03/22/2004) - The lack of a reliable communication system could result in lower company productivity by delaying business transactions or causing poor customer servicing, according to a joint survey recently conducted by Alcatel SA and Research International.

Philippines cybercrime bill moves a bit closer

MANILA (09/23/2003) - The science and technology committee of the House of Representatives has approved the fifth draft of the Cybercrime Prevention Act 2003, but with the qualification that this consolidated version of the bill should undergo revisions based on the inputs gathered by the committee.