Stories by Kirstin Mills

Planning negates negative staff

Everyone knows the negative employee type — it doesn’t matter what improvements you make or how much you try to listen to their gripes, the negative employee is never happy. The problem is that in many cases, they won’t actually leave the organisation. Instead, they spread their negativity like a virus around the workplace.

ITIL: 'growing like a weed'

“Best practice” and “benchmarking” don’t have to be nebulous buzzwords that you don’t know how to apply to your IT department.

Dismissals done with dignity

Worried about firing a troublesome staff member? Well, be grateful you’re not in Uzbekistan. To fire someone there, you have to document several incidents of drunkenness in the workplace or show a consistent pattern of insubordination. That's according to a recent Doing Business survey by the World Bank.

Does team-based pay work?

There are many types of performance based pay, but have you never considered team-based pay, remuneration based on a team reaching agreed goals?

The productivity game

There has been a lot of talk about productivity lately. Back in February, Helen Clark told Parliament that New Zealand’s labour productivity was well below the OECD median growth rate.

The upside of being fired

It’s hard to put a positive spin on getting fired. Or at least I thought it was hard until I decided to look for information on it. It seems the internet is awash with sites not only saying that getting fired isn’t so bad, but making it sound like it’s quite a positive career decision.

Working on morale

Staff morale can be a difficult thing to keep a handle on for many organisations, particularly as they grow larger.

Successful succession planning

Ever wanted to explore other positions within your own company — whether you’re after a promotion or perhaps a move sideways — and been told that no, you’re too valuable where you are?

Sleeping on the job

Ever had one of those days at work that follows a bad night’s sleep? You sit, trying to focus on your computer monitor, day-dreaming longingly of sleep. Like some sort of addict you think to yourself, “if I could just get a few minutes’ sleep, everything would be all right …”

Blowing the whistle when things aren't right

What happens if you believe — or are certain — your boss is taking public funds for his own use? Or that senior management is cutting corners on staff safety? Or you discover your firm is allowing a practice which is going to cause long-term damage to the environment?

The art of slacking

Chances are you’re reading this dealing with the post-holiday blues. You might well be feeling a little slack when it comes to putting in a full day’s work

CVs and their alternatives

Going through CVs/resumes can be a time-consuming nightmare when you get a huge response to a job advert.

Every office has its personalities

Are you the office hypochondriac? Power monger? Or perhaps you’re the Loose Cannon? Is your cubicle next to the office backstabber or the delegator? Or maybe even the office space invader?