Stories by Kirstin Mills

Asking candidates the right questions is vital

Worried about potential employees faking the answers on a personality test? According to the experts, employers who use personality tests should be cautious — not only about the possibility of applicants faking the “right” answers, but about the methods testers use to detect such faking.

Measuring managers is a delicate business

SO how possible is it really to give an honest appraisal of your boss in an “upward appraisal” — where you give your boss feedback? Or if you’re the boss, how do you feel about having a subordinate potentially influence your review?

Try pretend interviews before the real thing

Ever seen yourself on video and cringed at how you sound in real life? Imagine if you could watch yourself at a job interview. Chances are you might squirm at your answers or perhaps just the way you answer the interviewer's questions.

How to harness employees’ hidden talents

Ever felt like your talents aren’t being used? Or watched while a workmate does one role when it’s obvious to you that they have other talents that could provide real benefits to your firm?

Email can be a blunt management tool

I was at a function recently where one of the attendees was moaning about his manager. The problem he had with her was not a lack of communication; rather, it was the way she communicated. Everything was sent via email — even if it was a reprimand, a complex set of instructions for a project or a personal matter.

Searching out good employers takes effort

You’ve attended the job interview and heard all about how the boss has an open door policy, how performance reviews are conducted regularly and how training needs are always met because staff are the most valuable resource.

Don't be left hanging during a phone interview

I once got a job via a phone interview. It was probably the most relaxing job interview I've ever had because I didn’t realise it was a job interview. I thought we were just having a wee chat prior to organising a face-to-face interview.


Recently I looked at how to handle making a mistake in the workplace. This week I’m going to look at how you handle it when it’s not you who has made the faux pas, but one of the staff you supervise.

Negotiating a pay rise

It can be disheartening when someone discovers their workmates just got a bigger pay rise than they did.

Contracting correctly

Contract staff come with their own set of challenges, and it’s important to get management of them right, for both harmony and cost reasons.

How to ace that job interview

How not to impress a recruiter: 1) Send your CV to all 25 jobs advertised; 2) Send your resume by email, fax and snail mail; and 3) Don't specify which job you are applying for.

When to hit the road

It can be hard when someone wants to move on from their job, but they're worried they might be making the move too soon. How long should someone stick out a job that’s no longer inspiring them?