Stories by JavaWorld staff

Reasoning improves inspection services

SAN FRANCISCO (11/24/2003) - Reasoning Inc.'s automated software inspection service enhancements for Java include a new defect class that can identify database connection leaks, statement leaks, and result-set leaks.

Infravio assembles Ensemble 4.0

SAN FRANCISCO (11/24/2003) - Infravio Inc.'s Ensemble 4.0 Web services management suite offers the Infravio Console that provides notification, logging, and monitoring information for centralized runtime management, rules-based routing to manage failover and load balancing, and new Handler Plug-in APIs and Event Manager APIs.

Mika unveiled for embedded Java systems

SAN FRANCISCO (11/24/2003) - /k/ Embedded Java Solutions has introduced Mika, a Java runtime for embedded systems without graphical displays. Mika supports most existing embedded Java APIs.

Jscape beefs up network security

SAN FRANCISCO (11/18/2003) - Jscape has released Secure iNet Factory for Java. Secure iNet Factory has more than 30 components developers can use to add secure file transfer, secure email, and secure remote login capabilities to their network applications.

Inca X offers Jini 2.0 plug-ins

SAN FRANCISCO (11/18/2003) - Inca X Enterprise Edition 1.2 now ships with optional Jini 2.0 plug-ins for Eclipse and NetBeans, allowing Eclipse and NetBeans users access to Jini service creation tools.

Side of Software puts out Print Preview library

SAN FRANCISCO (11/18/2003) - Side of Software has unveiled its Java Print Preview library. The library offers two Swing components, four layout managers, and a helper class to add print preview to an application. Users can customize the components by changing the colors, the page selection model, the page number rendering, and the zoom behavior.

Atlassian enhances JIRA

SAN FRANCISCO (11/18/2003) - Atlassian Software Systems Pty. Ltd.'s JIRA 2.5 Web-based issue tracking and project management application now includes internationalization, customizable field management, bulk editing of issues, developer workload reports, and project categories.

IBM alphaWorks adds XML tool

SAN FRANCISCO (11/18/2003) - IBM Corp.'s alphaWorks Scripting for XML tool combines an interpreter that processes an XML tag set with an integrated editor. Scripting for XML uses Document Object Model (DOM) to parse the XML source into a tree the interpreter executes. Scripting for XML can create new user-defined objects and also reuse existing Java objects.

FWA Software offers Visual Tags for Struts 2004

SAN FRANCISCO (11/10/2003) - FWA Software Inc.'s Visual Tags for Struts 2004 integrates the Struts 1.1 tag libraries with Dreamweaver MX. Visual Tags for Struts 2004's major new feature is support for modular installation of the six Struts tag libraries, so Web developers can install only the tag library extensions they need.

Big Faceless Organization upgrades PDF Library

SAN FRANCISCO (11/10/2003) - Big Faceless Organization's PDF Library 2.0, a Java class library for creating and editing PDF documents, now provides an extensible architecture for custom signature and encryption handlers, documents that can be cloned and rearranged, alpha transparency, and multibyte fonts. It also includes enhanced internationalization for Acroforms, PDF/X output, and a reduced memory footprint.

New Atlanta serves up ServletExec 5.0

SAN FRANCISCO (11/10/2003) - New Atlanta Communications LLC's ServletExec 5.0 Web application server now includes support of JavaServer Pages (JSP) 2.0, Java Servlet API 2.4, JSP Standard Tag Library (JSTL) 1.1, and JavaServer Faces (JSF) 1.0, customizable session management, built-in Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) session manager, Web application Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) references, and a standalone JSP compiler tool.

Code Futures puts out new FireStorm/DAO version

SAN FRANCISCO (11/10/2003) - Code Futures Ltd.'s FireStorm/DAO database persistence tool generates business logic for accessing relational databases in service-oriented and object-oriented architectures. FireStorm/DAO 2.0 imports relational database schemas from any Java Database Connectivity (JDBC)-compliant database, generates Data Access Object (DAO) implementation that uses plain JDBC calls and SQL statements, provides a complete Ant build script to compile and package the generated code, and offers support for custom SQL statements.

IBM's HeapRoots uncovers memory leaks

SAN FRANCISCO (11/10/2003) - IBM Corp.'s HeapRoots is a tool for debugging memory leaks in Java applications through heap dump analysis. This analysis includes: searching/filtering of individual objects; summary/tabulation of the various object types; statistics on heap address space; inward and outward references of an object; and calculation of objects reachable by an object.

Teamstudio adds two new tools

SAN FRANCISCO (11/03/2003) - Teamstudio Inc. has released Edition 4 of its Teamstudio for Java suite. Edition 4 includes two new tools: Teamstudio Performance Profiler and Teamstudio Memory Profiler. Teamstudio Performance Profiler tightly integrates with IDEs and monitors application code as it runs. Teamstudio Memory Profiler identifies memory leaks and why the objects leaked. Both tools offer Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) and remote profiling.

Oak Grove Systems fires up Reactor

SAN FRANCISCO (11/03/2003) - Oak Grove Systems Inc. has enhanced its Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE)-based, XML-driven Reactor workflow engine. Reactor 5.5 now provides reusable process components, integrated forms, graphical routing rules, business activity monitoring, and improved audit logging and work list management.