Stories by Rita Chang

Netizens may get a brief tax break

WASHINGTON (11/21/2003) - The ban on Internet access taxes is likely to get a temporary extension, as time runs out in the current congressional session.

Internet access tax ban in limbo

WASHINGTON (11/10/2003) - Internet users hoping for a permanent ban on access taxes will have to wait a little longer, as the U.S. Congress grapples with how to make it stick without cheating states out of telecommunications service revenue.

Identity theft crackdown promoted

WASHINGTON (11/05/2003) - As identity theft becomes the fastest-growing crime in the U.S., some companies endorse legislation requiring them to disclose theft of personal data, while privacy advocates urge lawmakers to go even further to protect consumers.

Internet access tax ban stalls

WASHINGTON (10/31/2003) - A move to establish a permanent moratorium on Internet access taxes is being threatened by several senators who want further debate, arguing that the ban could cost states billions of dollars at a time when they face serious fiscal crises.

Campaigning in cyberspace

WASHINGTON (10/28/2003) - Next week, Americans will have an opportunity to question the Democratic presidential hopefuls online on issues ranging from Iraq rebuilding to the environment--or anything else on their minds.

Internet access tax ban nears vote

WASHINGTON (10/28/2003) - As the clock ticks toward Saturday's expiration of the federal ban on Internet access taxes, lawmakers are angling to keep the moratorium, while cash-strapped states aim to make sure it doesn't cost them billions of tax dollars.

Senate squashes spam

WASHINGTON (10/23/2003) - Following years of debate, the U.S. Senate has unanimously approved an antispam bill that would let the government and ISPs sue spammers who violate new restrictions on unsolicited, commercial e-mail.