Stories by Stuart J. Johnston

Get the Microsoft help you deserve

SAN FRANCISCO (03/19/2004) - Getting help from Microsoft Corp.--either for free or for a fee--involves negotiating a virtual rat's nest of ifs, ands, and buts. Several readers have asked about Microsoft's policies recently, so this month I'll try to clarify how the company's support options work.

Bugs and fixes: Problems with Microsoft software

SAN FRANCISCO (11/24/2003) - Month after month, I report on the latest problems with Internet Explorer and Windows. You might think that these are the only pieces of software at risk, and they are often under constant scrutiny. But don't assume that you're covered after plugging holes in the usual suspects. This month, Microsoft Corp. Office is vulnerable -- along with a host of other programs -- due to three newly discovered holes.

Windows Media Player 9 beta debuts

Microsoft has released for free download the first public beta of Windows Media Player 9, offering faster streaming and better compression, high-quality music playback, and support for multichannel movie surround sound, plus other features - if, that is, you're running Windows XP.

Web radio fights for survival

The 1970s classic hit "The Day the Music Died" referred to the death of rocker Buddy Holly, but for many Internet radio stations and their listeners, doomsday is October 20.