Stories by Jeff Kaplan

Automated network-monitoring tools liberate IT staff

One of the fundamental challenges facing network professionals is balancing ongoing responsibilities with reacting to daily events. Many spend the bulk of their time putting out fires or responding to unanticipated business requirements, often at the expense of dealing with the routine “care and feeding” of network operations.

Bridging the SOA-ITIL gap

Two of today's most popular acronyms in the alphabet soup of the IT industry are ITIL and SOA. The IT Infrastructure Library has gained attention as a governance framework aimed at helping IT operations people become more productive and effective, while service-oriented architecture has become the guidepost for software developers seeking to make their applications more user-friendly and flexible. Although these two concepts complement each another, many organisations have failed to align their ITIL and SOA initiatives properly.

Serving SMBs is not so simple

FRAMINGHAM (10/09/2003) - With large companies drastically cutting back their IT spending, many IT vendors and service providers have shifted their attention to small and midsize businesses (SMBs). While it might be relatively straightforward for vendors to re-architect their IT products to make them fit SMB needs, restructuring a service provider's sales and service delivery structures to appeal to SMBs is much harder.

Success strategies for 2003

Given the tenuous economic and political climate, most IT organisations in the US were pleased to have survived last year's challenges and are preparing for another year of the same.