Stories by Tan Ee Sze

Finding the sacred cows and sacrificial lambs

In the process of building a competitive environment for doing business in Singapore, the IT industry has to find out what are the sacred cows and what are the sacrificial lambs.

Research into brain interface making waves

Time to exterminate the mouse? In a giant theoretical leap over traditional input devices, brain machine interface (BMI) research is being conducted at Singapore's Institute for Infocomm Research (I2R) to fine-tune ways in which users can control computers by thought alone.

SAS 9 targets the suits

Enough of the wisecracks about white lab coats; SAS Institute Inc. is pitching the latest release of its analytics solution at the business suits.

ISVs climb on the PitStop brandwagon

SINGAPORE (10/02/2003) - Local independent software vendors (ISVs) are looking to leverage on the Oracle Corp. and Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP) brand names under the PitStop (Partners Innovative Technology and Solution Centres) initiative to help them make inroads into overseas markets.

Singapore puts UWB to the test

SINGAPORE (09/26/2003) - Can the next big thing in wireless be blown off course by the humble hair dryer? That is what the Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) of Singapore aims to find out as it studies the effects of ambient noise on ultra wideband (UWB), and UWB's impact on existing wireless systems such as mobile cellular networks and fixed satellite downlinks.

Renting space on multi-app smart cards

Card issuers could soon be renting space on their smart cards to third party application providers, while consumers download or subscribe to the services dynamically.

IT Manpower the Biggest Challenge: Andersen

Businesses have to pay more attention to intangibles which can contribute up to 80 percent of their market value, said Richard Boulton, worldwide managing partner, Business Consulting, for Arthur Andersen LLP.