Stories by Lincoln Spector

New Ghost draws from drive image

Symantec has updated its Norton Ghost image backup program, and the new version reflects technology in Drive Image from PowerQuest, the former rival Symantec acquired last year.

Acrobat hits devices--via Linux

You can already view Adobe Systems' Acrobat PDF files on Windows PCs, Macintosh systems, and Unix and Linux computers. You may soon be able to see them on your cell phone and your car's dashboard.

Iomega debuts versatile backup drive

Iomega is releasing in the US this week a new all-around backup solution: It uses hard drive technology, but is packaged in removable cartridges so you can buy one drive yet swap media.

When network PCs don't see eye to eye

I have attached my two computers to my cable modem through a router. Both PCs access the Internet just fine, but neither sees the other one. What can I do to fix this situation?

DotPhoto offers right-sized digital photos

SAN FRANCISCO (03/18/2004) - Digital photos aren't meant to fit on the 3-by-5-inch or 4-by-6-inch photo papers traditionally used for 35mm film prints. Photo-printing Web site's solution: Offer prints based instead upon the dimensions of the digital image itself. DotPhoto Inc. began offering the service this week.

Toshiba revamps Satellites, Tablet

SAN FRANCISCO (03/10/2004) - Toshiba Corp. has released three new notebooks in its Satellite line, all targeting price-conscious shoppers, and has updated its Portege 205 Tablet PC.

Fuji Photo Film expands digicam line

SAN FRANCISCO (02/06/2004) - Fuji Photo Film Co. Ltd. has announced new digital cameras for both ends of the user spectrum: Two entry-level models and two for professional photographers. None will be available before March, however, and one is barely off the drawing board.

WinZip, PKWare call truce in format war

SAN FRANCISCO (01/22/2004) - The venerable .zip file format may survive, after competing companies that market compression products have reached an agreement to support each other's improvements--sort of.

Windows explained: Reader questions

SAN FRANCISCO (11/24/2003) - Sometimes I empty Windows' Recycle Bin before I realize that I shouldn't have deleted a particular file. And if I delete a file through the command line or if the deleted file is too big, the files might never get to the Recycle Bin. How do I get these deleted files back?

New virus appears as PayPal scam

SAN FRANCISCO (11/17/2003) - If you get an e-mail message warning you that your PayPal account is about to expire, don't open it. If you open it, don't double-click the attachment. If you double-click the attachment, don't complete the form asking for your credit card information. And if you do fill in the form, call your credit card company immediately.

Extra-Suite virus and spam protection

SAN FRANCISCO (10/27/2003) - Like a small town in a Dashiell Hammett novel, the Internet can be a dirty and dangerous place. The biggest movers in the PC protection business, Symantec Corp. and Network Associate Inc.'s McAfee business unit, sell software to protect your computer from various online thugs. Now, both companies have updated their suites so that one installation routine delivers better antivirus programs, spam filters, and firewall protection.