Stories by Denise Pappalardo

Head of AT&T business sales talks turkey

FRAMINGHAM (10/23/2003) - Chris Rooney was named president of business sales at AT&T Corp. in April after having joined the company in February 2002 as head of its government services division. Rooney recently met with Network World Senior Editor Denise Pappalardo to discuss contract negotiations, the competitive landscape, customer satisfaction and how to increase revenue.

Sprint beefs up SLAs on data services

FRAMINGHAM (10/16/2003) - Sprint is streamlining service-level agreements for its global IP (Internet Protocol), ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) and frame relay data services to offer users more choices and stronger guarantees.

Glowpoint branching out into Webcasting

FRAMINGHAM (10/14/2003) - Glowpoint Inc., known until last month as Wire One Technologies, says it will expand beyond videoconferencing services and into Webcasting by year-end.

ILECs answer VoIP phone threats

FRAMINGHAM (10/10/2003) - Incumbent long-distance carriers insist they are not sitting idle as fledgling voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) service providers skim voice minutes - and revenue - from their networks.

FCC clarifies WNP rules

FRAMINGHAM (10/07/2003) - The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) this week issued an order on wireless number portability rules that attempts to limit barriers some service providers were seeking.

U.S. Cellular expands relationship with Nortel

FRAMINGHAM (10/06/2003) - Nortel Networks Corp. and U.S. Cellular announced a multiyear deal Monday for the service provider to deploy Nortel's third-generation (3G) wireless equipment throughout its network.

AT&T expands Ethernet MAN offering

FRAMINGHAM (10/02/2003) - A new metropolitan Ethernet service that AT&T launched last week lets users go beyond point-to-point LAN connectivity.

Hughes expands Internet offer

FRAMINGHAM (09/29/2003) - Hughes Network Systems Inc. (HNS) this week is expected to announce an enhanced version of its satellite Internet access service.

AT&T adds VoIP to managed VPN service

FRAMINGHAM (09/26/2003) - AT&T Corp. this week announced a voice-over-IP option for its managed VPN service that promises multinational customers an easier way to support voice between sites around the world.

Verizon to take number portability to the next level

FRAMINGHAM (09/23/2003) - Verizon Communications and Verizon Wireless Monday announced that it will offer customers the flexibility to port their phone numbers between the service provider's local and wireless services.

Sprint lays out three-year plan

FRAMINGHAM (09/17/2003) - Sprint Corp., the third-largest IXC, this week announced a plan to reduce costs while reorganizing its business structure.

How MCI's revival will affect you

MCI could emerge from Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection as soon as November. That's thanks in large part to successful negotiations last week between the carrier and two groups of creditors that had been expected to throw up some road blocks during MCI's confirmation hearings. The next obstacle for the company is getting a federal judge to approve its reorganization plan.

AT&T outlines migration to IP core

AT&T is investing $US3 billion — virtually all of this year's capital expenditure budget — to facilitate its migration from a circuit-switched network to an IP packet-based one.