Stories by Wayne Rash

Eliminating threats on the network

Sygate Inc. is a company that specializes in endpoint security solutions for large enterprises. John De Santis, Sygate's president and CEO, recently met with InfoWorld Senior Analyst Wayne Rash to discuss the issue of security policy management and measures for creating a safe state on the network.

CEBIT - Cebit execs see economy picking up

SAN FRANCISCO (03/17/2004) - Jorg Schomburg, managing director of CeBit Events Worldwide, the organization that oversees the CeBit show in Germany and subsidiary shows around the world, and Mark Dineen, managing director for CeBit America, spoke recently with InfoWorld Senior Analyst Wayne Rash about the signs they see that the IT and telecom industry is experiencing an economic turnaround.

Juniper focuses on securing government networks

Juniper Federal Systems was created as an entity within Juniper Networks to address the specific needs of the federal government. InfoWorld Senior Analyst Wayne Rash spoke with Dubhe Beinhorn, senior vice president at Juniper Federal Systems, about the lessons learned from working with the federal government that can also be applied to other enterprises.

5U servers are big, but flexible

SAN FRANCISCO (09/26/2003) - Sure, today's 1U servers are inexpensive, and if you're hurting for space, they provide adequate processing power like nothing else of that size. But in many companies, it's not rack space that counts so much as increasing processing power and storage capacity. For that, nothing beats a server with plenty of internal storage, space for the necessary add-on cards and an extra processor if you need one. A basic 5U machine can meet these general-purpose server needs.

SIP is sneaking into the enterprise

Despite all the hype starting to surround SIP (session initiation protocol), implementation among readers polled in a telephony survey done by InfoWorld, a US sibling publication of Computerworld, appears surprisingly small.