Stories by Rodney Gedda

ABC completes first continuous media Web trial

SYDNEY (10/13/2003) - The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) has completed a proof-of-concept trial of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO)'s Continuous Media Web (CMWeb) application for integrating rich media content with searchable metadata.

Sun targets enterprise desktops, middleware

SYDNEY (09/26/2003) - Sun Microsystems Inc.'s Java Desktop System represents the first real alternative to Microsoft Corp. on the enterprise desktop, says the company's software business manager Laurie Wong.

Analyst: Open source not cheaper, Sun is dead

SYDNEY (09/16/2003) - As long as cost-cutting dominates the IT landscape the rush by enterprises to seek out Linux and open source alternatives will continue, despite the fact it isn't any cheaper than proprietary software, Meta research director Dr Kevin McIsaac said last week.

Open source crusader to resubmit SA law

Following a flurry of interest, feedback, and protest to his initial bill to mandate the use of open source software, Democrat Ian Gilfillan resubmits an amended version of the proposed legislation to the South Australian parliament next week.

SCO's ill wind blows no good for Microsoft

Microsoft is not benefiting from The SCO Group's intellectual property dispute with IBM despite the market uncertainty the legal fiasco is creating.
Microsoft Australia's platform strategy manager Martin Gregory has rejected claims the software giant is a beneficiary of the dispute pointing out that software will continue to be chosen on merits and Unix is now being replaced by Linux more than Windows.