Stories by Rodney Gedda

New satellite may put Linux in space

Linux may be an operating system synonymous with a flightless bird, but if some Sydney research students have their way, it could be orbiting the Earth controlling a space satellite within two years.

Political party turns to desktop Linux

The South Australian Democrats party has rejected a $A50,000 content management system from an unnamed vendor for its new website in favour of the free PostNuke open source system.

Google sysadmin preaches Debian for software management

Caught up in the tangle of manually installing and updating software, enterprises can find a tip or two in the open source community’s book on how to streamline the process, according to Google senior system administrator Marc Merlin.

SCO may restrict Solaris, moves to push IBM trial back

Less than one week after Sun Microsystems's chief operating officer Jonathan Schwartz pledged to open source its Solaris operating system, The SCO Group has stated that licence restrictions prevent Sun from contributing its work to the GPL (General Public Licence).

State IT leaders see no need for open source laws

The Victorian state government's newly appointed chief technical officer Tony Aitkenhead is standing firm and refusing to buckle to demands from industry body Open Source Victoria (OSV) to adopt Australian Capital Territory-style open source procurement legislation.

CSC switches on IP telephony

IT services giant CSC has migrated some 1300 staff to IP telephony as part of a corporate headquarters relocation to Macquarie Park in Sydney.

Software consolidation saves big bucks at ANZ

Reducing the number of installations for its test management tool from 20 to one has saved the ANZ Banking Group an estimated $A500,000 ($US355,000) in management costs alone, according to the bank's manager of development environments and configuration management, Geoff McCamley.

Group goes fishing for Linux

Astronomical maintenance costs have forced the Australian Fisheries Management Authority to migrate off its proprietary Unix systems to commodity Intel servers running Linux. The outcome was a saving of an estimated $45,000 a year with further changes on the agenda.

AMP searches for outsourcing nirvana

Difficulties, conflicts and cost overruns have all played a role in AMP Ltd.'s search for outsourcing nirvana, but in recent times the company believes it has found success.

AMP mitigates IIS SSL exploit

Continuing exploits and Internet Information Services Secure Sockets Layer vulnerabilities have not deterred one of Australia's largest financial institutions from using the Web server.

Broadband timebomb ticks for enterprise networks

A network capacity timebomb with the potential to cripple businesses if left unchecked awaits Australian enterprises, leading industry figures warned last week. It is an impending crisis similar to Telstra's infamous BigPond e-mail fiasco, they said.