Stories by Rodney Gedda

OpenBSD 4.4 released

OpenBSD founder and release manager Theo de Raadt has announced the release and availability of version 4.4 with numerous feature enhancements and bug fixes from the previous release.

Mandriva Linux updated

European software company Mandriva has released the 2009 update to its flagship Linux distribution.

Networkers 08: Virtual office to meet cloud computing

Today's "virtual office" solutions generally require customer-premises equipment (CPE), but the rise of cloud computing-based services will allow people to be "at the office" from any location with an Internet connection, according to Cisco.

Aussies strike it rich with $20m Google buyout

Australian entrepreneurs Ryan Junee, Julian Frumar and Simon Ratner are laughing all the way to the bank as their online video start-up Omnisio was acquired by Google for US$15 million (NZ$20 million) in cash.

Australian BEA customers welcome Oracle buy

Oracle's seemingly endless buying spree may have alienated some customers, but two Australina firms, Hawker de Havilland and Australian Vintage, envisage an Oracle-owned BEA as beneficial in terms of vendor management and product support.

Single EPM system achieves clarity for Telstra

Telstra's multi-billion dollar network and IT transformation project is being driven by the successful implementation of an enterprise program management application that even has the marketing department using it for campaign management, according to the company.

Queensland local body develops open-source CMS

A lack of a suitable record-keeping web content management system has led one Queensland local government council to develop its own application, which has since been released as an open-source project.

NZOSS president weighs in on Aussie standards battle

In what may be a perceived threat to the objectivity of the Office Open XML standards process, Standards Australia will include a Microsoft developer and consultant as part of its delegation for this month's Ballot Resolution Meeting (BRM) in Geneva.

Survey finds aussie open-sourcers earn more

In what may be Australia’s first comprehensive survey of the open-source industry, the Australian Open Source Industry Census has revealed IT professionals working with free software earn more than the national average.

ABS moves on business reporting standard

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) will spend upwards of $500,000 developing an extensible business reporting language (XBRL) infrastructure to streamline information exchange with external organizations.

Publisher drops Telstra over NZ caller ID

In a strange case of how something simple can result in a big IT contract change, a local enterprise has switched from Telstra to Optus because of Telstra's refusal to support caller ID for international originating calls.