Stories by Rodney Gedda

ACMA builds Xen-based private cloud

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has built a private cloud in three months, choosing Citrix’s XenServer virtualisation hypervisor over the incumbent VMware ESX.

Open source under threat from 'grey' IP laws

Incomplete laws and intense lobbying from the software industry are contrary to the values of free software and continue to pose a threat to its existence says an independent technology consultant and writer from New Zealand.

Optus reveals iPhone 3G S pricing plan

Australian telco Optus has announced its plan pricing for the new iPhone 3G S, which includes a free handset with some 24-month contracts. Free tethering, however, comes with a catch.

Aussie devs make Wave with Google Web Toolkit

Google's latest offering, the Web-based real-time collaboration suite dubbed Wave, began life in Sydney, Australia, as a start-up project built with Google's open source Web Toolkit project.

Sun supercomputer for Aust met office

Amid rumours of Sun Microsystems being acquired by IBM, Sun has announced an A$30 million (NZ$37 million) deal with Australia's Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) to build one of the largest high-performance computing environments in the southern hemisphere.

Banned poker sites make joker of ACMA's Internet blacklist

Less than a week after the federal government's URL blacklist was leaked and caused a furore over the status of online betting company Betfair, Australia's poker industry is now in the firing line over the number of legitimate poker sites that could be banned by the filter.