Stories by PC World Staff

Dell XPS 13 2015 is a MacBook Air killer

Dell's new XPS13 is a MacBook Air killer that shoehorns a 13-inch screen into a bezel that would normally hold an 11-inch panel. The new laptop also features Intel's new Broadwell U CPU and a high-resolution touch screen.

In Pictures: 50 best tech products of 2013

Notebooks, tablets, and other mobile devices feature prominently in this year’s list, along with a fair number of peripherals and gadgets designed to make you more productive.

Mobile phones and apps: Best of 2010

Call 2010 the year of the smartphone and mobile software. Phones like the Motorola Droid X, the HTC Incredible, and the Apple iPhone 4 -- and the many creative apps we liked this year -- made this the largest category of products in the PCWorld 100.

3PAR accepts HP's US$30 per share offer

Storage technology firm 3PAR confirmed late Friday that its board has accepted Hewlett-Packard's acqusition offer of US$30 per share, ending more than a week of competitive bidding with Dell.

On display

SAN FRANCISCO (04/01/2004) - Show off your digital snapshots with Digi-Frame Inc.'s DF-1710 LCD picture frame. The gold-framed, 17-inch display comes with a CD-ROM drive so you can easily transfer favorite digital photos onto the unit's 12GB hard drive. You can add audio tracks to your images, as well, to make them talk or sing. This digital decoration doesn't come cheap, however: The DF-1710 retails for a very steep US$1,999.

Cased closed?

SAN FRANCISCO (04/01/2004) - Federal judges in California and New York have enjoined 321 Studios LLC from distributing its controversial DVD X Copy program. The software, which can make exact duplicates of DVDs by sidestepping encryption codes, is under fire from many movie companies, which maintain that it violates federal copyright laws. Executives at 321 Studios promise to appeal the rulings and are now selling a "ripper free" version of DVD X Copy; users can update the software with free rippers available online.

War of the worms

SAN FRANCISCO (04/01/2004) - Security experts blame the jump in worm outbreaks on an escalating feud among virus writers. Antivirus vendors say the code in new variants of the Mydoom, Bagle, and Netsky e-mail worms contain text messages taunting other virus writers. They suspect the feud started back in January when the Netsky worm began removing Mydoom and Bagle worms from PCs.