Stories by Fred Hapgood

Two decades in IT — it's all about connectivity

Throughout the late 1980s, microcomputers had been understood as toy versions of mainframes and minis; they were standalone devices that attacked problems with processing cycles. In the quaint locution of the day, they were “artificial brains.”

Future shock

Historically, marketers have been early adopters, picking up on cultural changes and leveraging new technologies long before other sectors do. (Ads appeared on the Internet almost as soon as it was privatized.) Alas, this open-mindedness has never done much good, at least in terms of measurable ROI. Still, the search to bring more science to your art continues. Here CMO looks at some emerging technologies and concepts that, although they may not change your world today, raise some intriguing possibilities for the future.

When Everything's Networked

You'll need a strategy for dealing with the hidden risks of Internet-connected air conditioners, door locks and forklifts.