Stories by DeWayne Lehman

Gloomy Forecast for Online Exchanges

A new study of online trading exchanges predicts some rough weather ahead. By the end of next year, 85 to 90 percent of the independent business-to-business exchanges will be blown away, a report by AMR Research Inc. says.

Netscape Launches New Browser

America Online Inc. today unveiled a new Netscape browser and introduced a set of Internet appliances developed in partnership with San Diego-based Gateway 2000 Inc. to offer a new product called Instant AOL on a portable platform.

Feds ID hacker who stole 485,000 credit-card numbers

US law enforcement officials said they've tracked down a foreign hacker who they allege stole more than 485,000 credit-card numbers and saved them on a US government agency's Web site, the Secret Service said today.

EDS Sued Over Alleged Purchasing Scam

Two electronics companies say that Electronic Data Systems Corp. drew them into a supposedly secret $120 billion NATO project that - after three years of work and millions of dollars spent - turned out to be nothing more than a scam.